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YouTube Is FREE, Your Business Should Be Using It!

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YouTube Is The Second Largest Search Engine On The Internet


How many of you have a Radio, or TV commercial that was produced, ran it’s course, and is now stored somewhere that no one can see it? YouTube is the perfect place to give those spots new life and improve your websites SEO for free. That’s right we said FREE, if you haven’t already created a YouTube channel after that first sentence I would start now… Go ahead, We’ll wait.

Ok now that you have your YouTube Channel created and have started uploading your old commercials, infomercials or funny videos, the question is, what do I do now?  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many other social media channels are out there just waiting for you to share links to your videos and drive traffic to view the message you want to put in front of people, did I mention that it’s free?

Every business we have talked to has asked me the same question at least once per conversation, “how do I get my website listed higher than my competitors on Google?” I always inform them that Google owns YouTube and that websites with video that is relevant to a users search will appear higher on Google. Yes Google owns YouTube and they are known to give preferential treatment to websites that have YouTube hosted videos embedded on them. So now that you have your channel created, videos uploaded, and have posted them out on social media, it’s time to place them on your website too. Create a hub with your website for all your traffic to arrive similar to Grand Central Station.  Stay tuned next week and we’ll talk more about creating that hub.

If you are still not convinced and do not have a YouTube Channel. Here are some amazing statistics of YouTube and it’s popularity.

YouTube Stats, figures, and facts