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So That’s Why Your Business Should Be Marketing on Mobile

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Mobile users now expect your brand to find them.


Investing in the reality of the mobile experience is no longer avoidable. We have immersed ourselves in the fast paced, easily accessible, four inch screen that hardly leaves the palm of our hand. New and innovative ways to give mobile users a unique experience or engagement of brands are developed constantly. And we, the users, act on our experiences quickly. If your business is relevant it should be trying in any and every way to market to those that hold a smart phone. Whether you are introducing yourself with a firm digital handshake, or you’re reminding your customers/patients/clients/friends of just how wonderful and helpful you are. Being at their fingertips and having a cohesive, relevant message is imperative.

So what do you build off of? Well home base of course! That being your website. It starts here and for good reason. Your focus must fall back on a responsive or mobile website that is easy to navigate and up to date with your brand’s current offers and direction. As if that wasn’t enough, Google has changed things up to get mobile users more relevant content faster with their Mobile-Friendly Update. You can get the scoop on their mad science here. But basically it gives a boost to your web page’s search results when they are “mobile friendly” and penalizes, significantly, your pages that are not optimized.

Go ahead and give each of your website’s pages a try on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Or, at the very least, test the pages that are most important in moving your potential customers towards a conversion of sorts. Pages such as your homepage, your landing page directing from advertisements and, perhaps most importantly, your contact page.

After you’ve taken some time to evaluate your own company’s website, and perhaps took the necessary steps towards optimizing it’s performance, let’s talk marketing. Have a napkin ready, this can get kinda juicy.


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Your audience is massive if you’re looking in the right places.


With over 80% of internet users owning a smart phone, there is no business too big, too small or too weird, to take advantage. Businesses of every shape and size use avenues like SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to have a spontaneous and easy-to-engage way of interacting with customers. Every person you know (minus three) sends text messages on the daily. And one of those three will be texting within a year, we promise. And think, 96% of those messages that are sent are read within 4 minutes of receiving them. Even older, or “dumb” phones, have SMS technology built in. On another high note, MMS messages enjoy open-rate 3-times higher than a simple text message.

Another highly used and highly effective way to market on mobile is through email believe it or not. Over 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. For this reason you need to take extra care in designing and optimizing your email marketing efforts for mobile. Make those emails force some major thumb action, you won’t regret it. Just be sure to send those mobile email calls-to-action straight to a webpage on your site that makes for easy contact and matches your promotion. Okay, so we went a little heavy on the statistics there.

Idea: Grow your phone number list. Integrate a way to get your customer’s phone numbers through your next email marketing campaign. Then send out a cohesive MMS graphic the next time you run a promotion.


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Fast pace and information access give energy to mobile behaviors.


The ability to stay connected to the world wide web and also to those around us makes us act really… well, strange. But perhaps we are simply giving our minds the nourishment that it craves in the form of information and interaction. We might not have realized our full potential of procrastination or the ability to sling shot colorful pissed off birds at the perfect trajectory without the smart phone.

Our bank accounts will never breathe easy again knowing that up-sells are always being tested and optimized, or that an impulse buy is just four easy 4 clicks away. And it’s always on sale. Shedding a tear at the realization that you might not be purchasing a new library card because you have the entirety of recorded human history in our fanny packs. We might step on each others toes more often because our face is buried in a Facebook Timeline or Snapchat Story. But that social experience is there, and it’s easy, and it’s free. And it’s fun.

Applications make it even easier to check out where people are checking in. One tap on that shiny screen takes you into that digital universe where everyone is talking about how great their weekend is going. Or isn’t. We use in upwards of 10 apps, of every form, every month on average and are willing to try new ones just because we have a little time. These apps help us to engage in short spurts with each other. And where there are people (avatars), there are opportunities. Go figure that the Social Media Industry dominates the application world. Edit: Pokemon Go is the exception that tested the rule’s tensile strength. There are seriously more people on Social Media channels than the rest of the internet. By far. It’s a lifestyle for consumers and a megaphone for businesses.


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Let’s talk mobile advertisement types and delivery.


This is going to sound exactly like The Little Mermaid when she sings about her amazing collection of rubbish. On purpose. Ah-hem. We’ve got banners and text ads a-plenty. We’ve got search ads and takeovers galore. You want interstitials? We’ve got twenty! But who cares? No big deal….You want morrrrrrrrrrrrre. I wanna be where the people are…I’m the girl who has everythi…okay too much.

So you get the point. Banners that fit across the bottom of a responsive website or even delivered on a popular application to a local person using targeting techniques. Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing has location based algorithms used specifically for mobile users. Idle-screen ads could be something you see more in the future where ads appear in-app when there is downtime or a lack of action. Interstitials taking over a screen in the form of a trusted promotion integrated into the platform itself and of course social media advertising.

As you may be aware, Facebook themselves changed up their timeline news feed algorithm. They are looking to promote content delivered by friends and family more favorably than that of publishers and advertisers. But think optimistically. You are being forced to engage with your customers even more! Advertising is still very available and boosting posts is still a great way to target. And don’t be afraid to dive into the scary dark waters of Instagram or LinkedIn.

All in all, be aware of your options and build your repertoire slowly and consistently. Become savvy and try something else. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and actually try to break things. Put real time and real energy into improving, not just maintaining, or online presence and, more specifically, your mobile online presence. Do your research. Show results and keep engaging.