What we are doing with targeted display advertising platforms.

What we are doing with targeted display advertising platforms.

You know that you’ve seen it…

but how does it work? Targeting has rapidly turned into today’s buzz word for the average marketing department. And its advantages have been increasingly realized among businesses both small and big. Our Targeted Display Advertising platform allows you to deliver your message without waste. We do this by serving your ads only to those online users who have demonstrated relevant interest in what you offer as a business. There are many ways in which we are able to do this, such as;

  • Showing your ad to individuals who have gone to your website or your competition’s website .
  • Showing your ad to individuals that have searched Google, and other search engines, for keywords associated with your business.
  • Showing your ads to individuals who’ve read blog articles, news content, descriptions, and etc. relevant to the products you have.

And so, all of your incredible digital advertisements will be served on the ad space real estate of websites that your customers are visiting. Sites like MSN.com, ESPN.com and even Facebook. KCAU Digital Solutions targeted display options give you a chance to be seen by the very people who are showing relevant online activity.

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Mobile targeting the block, building or event that your customers are walking around in is now a possibility with our location focused geofencing technology. Why not strengthen you digital advertising efforts by extending the search and behavior targeting with drawing your own fences around relevant and specific areas? But there is so much more to this than meets the eye, give us a call and let us help create that ultra-dynamic marketing campaign online.

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