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Smart Advertising Using Smart Data With Yashi

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Yet another amazing solution for your advertising needs you didn’t even know you had.


Grab your watercolor set and let’s paint a picture. Imagine Bob owns a small dent repair company. His business is built on the bad luck of crammed parking lots and wild weather. His customers wait longer than they probably should to look into fixing a small dent and chances are they’re aware of a nearby business that might be able to fix their dings. Bob knows his stuff and guarantees satisfaction. He also has great competitive rates compared to his competitors. Bob, being the thinking man he is, places his thumb and forefinger on the sides of his chin and stares at an upward angle in deep thought. Then he sneezes. “Achoo!”

“Wait a daggone minute, that sneeze sounded a lot like that amazing video advertising platform called Yashi!” he chuckled as he wiped his nose.

“Now that is how i’ll let the good people of Bobsville know about my great business.”

After contacting his friends at KCAU Digital Solutions he gets the ball rolling. Bob uses his local television commercial as his pre-roll video. He shows it to anyone in his local area before they watch that YouTube video about what happens when you mix dry ice and hand sanitizer, and whatever else they seem to be watching nowadays. He asks that his video only be served to car owners during and 72 hours after a hail storm and 48 hours after severe thunderstorms.

Now, that’s smart advertising using smart data. And this programmatic video platform let’s you customize these creative types of campaigns with ease and without ad spend waste.


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So What is Yashi?


Yashi is a propriety video ad serving platform that integrates location based technology and real time bidding for placing your ad in the right spot at the right time and most importantly to the right customer. We see an internet user fits the behavior and demographic of over 6,000 segments custom built by Yashi, and then bid on a video pre-roll spot wherever they go in about a trazillionth of a second. This platform finds an extremely unique and even extremelier targeted approach to compliment your already successful advertising dollars.


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What’s all this talk about Big Data?


Yashi has the ability to grab information collected by sources such as credit bureaus, census data, government agencies, ad server companies and the likes. The amount of information is unimaginable, but the great people of Yashi mine that data and place it into neat little bundles called segments to help us place your video advertisement in front of people, not webpages.

These segments are vast and detailed. Imagine advertising to women only, or a specific age group. Perhaps a political stance and/or registered voters piled onto your campaign. Do you sell luxury homes? Display your video to consumers with a certain household income. Craft enthusiasts, Coors Light beer drinkers, and even heavy Best Buy buyers are on the list and we can put your ad in front of them.


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Targeting Features Galore.


Besides those amazing behavior segments we have the ability to really customize and optimize your campaign. We offer frequency capping to make sure you get the number of impressions served per day/week/month that you wish. We have advanced location targeting to place your ads as precise as you can imagine. Yes, even at the IP address level. That’s one home! We can serve to mobile devices only, to tablets only, or laptops only.

If you have a blacklist of sites you don’t want to serve on, let us know, and of course white-listing is also an option. We are able to serve contextually to those that are reading that relevant information that somehow spread all over the internet. Do you want to run ads in front of customers with Chrome or Firefox browsers? Just ask! We can even daypart by serving to any timeframes of the day or night you might have a need for or we can target to consumers watching videos during almost any weather type you can think of. Yes there’s more, but we can get into that on another post.


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How We Make Programmatic Video Work for your Business.


First things first. Let’s meet up over brunch at that great new coffee shop with the pistachio muffins. Then we can get to know each other and discuss expectations. We will talk about your needs and your creative ideation. There will most likely be a discrete high five in there somewhere. Your pre-campaign will be detailed with goals, unique targeting strategies, your budget and we’ll take our notes and start putting them into action. Depending on video production needs we can activate the campaign within 24-48 hours. You can watch your campaign work in REAL TIME online on an amazing LIVE heatmap. We will let it do what it does best and then optimize the performance further after following up with you and reporting on the advertisement’s progress.

Now let your mind run wild. Paint your own picture and then send it to us. We love art.

After you do that, watch this video!