What we are doing to advertise through content.

What we are doing to advertise through content.

As our digital landscape evolves

so does the evolution of how businesses advertise on it. Due to the possibility of internet users overlooking display ads on a poorly designed sight, there’s come a solution. It’s called Native Advertising. Maybe you’ve seen it, but had no idea.

Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook timeline and clicked the headline of a breaking local news scandal? Then after reading to the end you see more articles that you just can’t avoid clicking?

You might not have realized that you left the local news source you were just reading. And that’s because those articles you saw were meant to look like they were apart of that very website. Hence, the word “Native”.

So, can you image having relevant placement of articles regarding your business thoughtfully placed on webpages around the internet? Another reason to give KCAU Digital Solutions a call. Let us give you a new emerging opportunity that you might not have thought about.

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