Why your business should sponsor relevant online content.

Why your business should sponsor relevant online content.

Envision your business’s image

directly correlated with new and rich content that is posted on resource pages provided by a local and trustworthy news source. By utilizing our sponsored Lifestyle pages, you can position your organization as a leader on all of the tips and advice that’s important to your industry.

Every month our very own Siouxlandmatters.com will post articles to sponsor-able pages in a large variety of local industries. Incorporating categories such as Home Improvement, Pets, Automotive, Real Estate, Finance, In-Style, and Weddings.

Your business’s new content marketing strategy can support, and be associated with, updated context that is served to a huge, local market of news scavengers. There are even seasonal categories attached to key retail time-frames around Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

All sponsored Lifestyle pages have prime advertising spots for your brand advantage. KCAU Digital Solutions can then provide you your new and freshly created content for you to promote on all your company’s social media channels.

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