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Local Thinking Should be your Focal Thinking


Spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month on SEO and advertising campaigns is great for your business, however there are some simple things you can do in minutes that will dramatically improve the local SEO for your business.

Google has shifted it’s focus to location based results in order to give the end user a better experience, you have probably noticed it yourself while searching on your mobile phone for a business. Google wants to display the closest and most relevant results first. They have given more importance to businesses with accurate NAP data listed in local search engines and review sites/apps. You may have heard or seen the term NAP floating around recently and what that basically means is Name, Address, Phone number, and why that is important is because Google relies on this information for it’s location based results and simple things such as abbreviating your Boulevard into Blvd. or spelling out Street instead of St. can confuse Google’s algorithm into thinking there are multiple locations.

How to NAP at Work and Profit!

Our general rule of thumb is to find your business listing on Google and verify it through the process found here (Google Verify My Business). Once you have done that, spend a little time searching out your business online and looking at your NAP on each website to ensure the information is all correct and identical to your google listing. Simple things like having your phone number listed differently can cause conflicts. For best results stick to the traditional format (712) 224-6762 rather than getting fancy and listing it 712.224.6762 or even 712-224-6762. Also make sure you are consistent with spellings, if Google has your address listed as 12345 Main St. do not list it somewhere else online as 12345 Main Street.

Ok we’re going to quit now so we don’t overwhelm you, I hate long overly complicated tip sheets so we will just leave you with this one tip to get you started.