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Get More Out of Your Business’s Social Media with Calls To Action

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Are you inviting your social media followers to engage with you through the right message?


Understanding the power of social media for your business is something that marketers are trying harder and harder to bring to light. But building your audience through fun and charming posts and photos is literally putting the horse before the cart. Add in well thought out calls to action and you’re on your way.

Find ways to get your social media pages interesting and the interested will come. Now it’s time to advertise to them through posting and sharing. Our goal is to get those social traffickers off those social media sites and onto our webpages. How do we do it? Make them act.

Think of the brain as wanting to move and progress. Giving a word or phrase that allows that to happen actually works, go figure right? The common mistake is feeling bad about putting advertisements in front of your social crowd, but don’t! Online viewers expect it and you need to embrace it. If you give 50% in your marketing strategies, your customers will notice.


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Brainstorm crazy and then design smart.


Get your verb on… let’s layout some examples and ideas first. You should always approach your advertisement with the goal of making your future customer and friend act on your message. Doing this should take some thought. What is your message? Who is interested? Why? What word/s embrace the customers intentions?

We have different categories of Call To Action (CTA) keywords. Enticing keywords: easy, top rated, red hot, free, guaranteed. We have action keywords: buy, download, join, order, reserve. Words that have less effect do to their monotonous frequency called weak keywords: get, try. Take these, and versions synonymous to them, and build your message. Be concise and make an impact.

Keep in mind a few things when constructing your social media ads. First, be sure to use quality pictures or graphics that are cohesive to your brand. Two, make your message BIG! Social media users are moving quick, if you don’t grab their attention you’ve wasted more than just your energy. Thirdly, use buttons. We are hardwired in our modern age to look for the button or “clickable item” when moving on from a webpage. That is your advantage so make it count. Now go further by using other actionable groups like cursor graphics, arrows or pointers over your button. And fourthly, contrast your keywords. Emphasize them using a different font, a bigger text size, italicize or bold. Get creative and see the difference.

Tip: Try if you don’t have any expensive designer’s software.


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Take advantage of social media real estate.


Do you have a promotion going on in-store? Why not take that promotion and create a spread of cover photos, banner images and profile pics across your social media sites? You can find the sizes here!  Now get creative and make your viewers aware of your promotions in case they missed your advertisement on their timeline but visited your page anyway.

Utilize the call to action buttons incorporated into your business Facebook profile. If you’re not familiar you can get some info here. If those aren’t enough for you make posts on your timelines incorporating your promotion and put your call to action at the end of the Post headline itself. Take some time and look into LinkedIn Showcase pages. You can ad in seasonal promotions and name your pages with strong call to actions to spread your social marketing reach even further.


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Short and sweet social.


Say that three times fast. Now untie your tongue and ask yourself how you can take very little time to post smaller and quicker click-enticing messages on micro-blogs and image based social media platforms. Use tactics like motivation or scare tactics to entice the click. You know you’ve seen it, “Act Now, Before It’s Too Late!” and whatnot. Always incorporate images that reinforce these mini-messages. Ask questions and relate it back to your service or product. Get creative and make memes that will certainly garner engagement.

All in all, just get to the point. Let your followers know quickly what you are doing and how it is going to help them. Couple that with your brand and great CTA keywording and bam, you’re in business.

Tip: Did you know that calls to action that are first person perform better than second person? Example: Download My Coupon! vs. Download Your Coupon Here!


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Go pic or go home.


With growing interest in social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, it takes a different approach and a learned understanding of how to market them. Businesses are finding success in this stream by looking deep into their company’s inner-workings and pulling out what makes them special. Then capturing that in an image.

If you can do that than this just might work wonders for you. Let’s start with the basics. Go graphic! We’re saying this for a reason. These platforms are not for the readers out there. If you want to compete you need large text that covers your ads and emphasizes your CTA like we mentioned before. You need poppy colors. Remember that screens glow brighter than ever and you can take those 3 colors of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and pierce your customers rods and cones. Lastly, this is your chance to portray your brand as beautiful and modern. Place a slightly transparent, well thought out call to action over a quality photo of your employees doing what they love and watch the engagement climb.


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Keep on keepin’ on.


All of this should be considered another tool in your tool box. Another way to evolve with your customer and not without them (that goes both ways). Take advantage of your social media platforms in ways you might not have thought to. We are not saying that you should take away the personal feel of posting or the human element that a lot of social sites thrive on, but mix it up!

We hope this provides creative thought for your business. Use these tips and suggests and don’t be afraid to test them. It can’t hurt to make more than one ad and analyzing their performances. Read those reports and optimize accordingly. You’re going to find trends and insight you need to further the PAID advertising you want to do on the rest of the internet.