Erika Gordon

Erika Gordon

Integrated Marketing Specialist
(712) 898-4566

I dreamed as a child that I would be working with Orca Whales. I would head to an ocean community to either save their lives or, swim with them at Sea World and we would be best friends…all of this while playing volleyball at the college that was the coolest. When the original Beverly Hills, 90210 first aired in 1990, my childhood dream was blowing my mind and I could not wait to grow up. As it turns out, I get very home sick. I love vacations, but after a week, all I want is to head home where I belong.

I was born and raised in Wakefield, NE and have been in Sioux City since 2000. My husband was born here in Sioux City and has lived here every day since. We love it here. It is home. That is why we started a family here. We have a ten year old daughter who goes to Sacred Heart School and is Heelan bound. She plays VB and BB for “We are Heelan”, where I have been Assistant VB Coach back when she was 8 and started in the third grade.

I love our community. I shop in our community. I love helping others. That is why I am so excited that I have found a wonderful new home here with KCAU9. I love that as an AE for KCAU, we ARE all about local/home. I cannot wait to really start diving into my lifelong journey with KCAU9 and help all my new friends grow their businesses.

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