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5 Social Media Futurisms to Get Ready For

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Social Media meets Virtual Reality


“Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

That’s what social media czar Mr. Zuckerberg wrote after Facebook acquired the virtual reality company Oculus for $2 billion in 2014. Now let your imagination run wild. Facebook has already begun moving Oculus technology into its 360 Video. If you haven’t heard of their 360 video check it out. The unique videos, similar to YouTube 360, allow users to move through videos from different angles, as if you were the camera, on both web and mobile devices.

Prepare to see more interactive videos in 2016 as publishers and even brands catch up with the technology and begin creating more and more. Furthermore, Oculus VR has an app called Oculus Social Alpha. Imagine watching a movie at the theatre in real-time with other users. Neat huh!?

Social Site Engagement in Real Time

Social Media blossoms with real-time response, however every year the window for reaction gets a bit smaller. As indicated by Search Engine Watch, 70% of Twitter-ers expect a reply from brands they connect with, and 53% need a reply in under 60 minutes. Incredibly, it is 72% when they’re complaining.

Back in 2014, online shoppers griped about brands 879 million times! And that is just social media. And in 2015, they still weren’t replying as 7 in 8 messages to them went unanswered inside 72 hours.

So, we need quicker reaction times. If you’re not snappy to react one of your rivals may be! Social Media is always upgrading, and your business needs to keep up. So how does this affect your small to medium sized business? Facebook now rates your page based on your response time to direct messages, they’ll even award you a badge for having a fast response time to show off to potential clients.

Mobile Mentality

What was once viewed as a reward is now a requirement. In case you’re not thinking mobile, then you’re what they call “behind”. Cell phones and other mobile devices have turned into the essential (not optional) screen for most social media traffickers. According to new research from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 61% of Americans own a smartphone.

2 billion consumers are expected to use a mobile device by the end of 2016. Cell phones, tablets and even those cool new things you see on everyone’s wrist called smartwatches, should be on your radar. Targeting millennials? 87% admitted to never being without their mobile phone. And get this, 14% wouldn’t give their money to a company that doesn’t have a responsive website or a mobile app.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Social Media is no longer a mystery. You know who the big ones are. If your business is visual, then Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat have peeked your interest. You’re acquainted with their inter-workings and mechanics for the most part. The fundamentals are there, and now you’re prepared to refine your social media presence. Enter… analytics.

Social Media Analytics is now a major portion of how you measure your business’ achievement, and it will only be more important in 2016. Advertisers have never had this much access to data. All of this data can help you customize your message and concentrate on building more engagement.

Utilizing it!

Let’s get straight to the point. This means you shouldn’t let things like Follower goals and Likes drive the greater part of what you consider a success. And analytics shouldn’t trump innovativeness or the creative aspect of your campaigns. Create a nice balance between your metrics goals and your customer relationships.

Live Video

Customers need quicker access to events that are usually kept offline. Live video is going to be a major step forward within the realm of social media. Proof of this is in applications like Periscope and Meerkat, who now have a huge stake in the online real-time video world.

Live streaming goes above and beyond, uncovering a substantially more involved side of your business. It demonstrates that you’re not simply perusing off of a prompt card. Here’s a little info.


Owned by Twitter

  • 2 million users
  • 40 years of video consumed every day


  • 2 million users
  • More than 100,000 videos streamed live

Consider each as neither has grabbed an overwhelming foothold in the market. Keep up to date and stay with these two platforms as social media gets further into the year.