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4 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Try

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We’re guessing you’ve never thought twice about expanding your Social Media presence. But,


With the majority of businesses big or small, generating leads is the biggest perk in building and keeping up with social media. In any case, lets start slow: to make social media a successful lead generator, you need to produce followers. This implies fans on Facebook and Twitter, but what about the social media users in other surging platforms?

We’re talking about the LinkedIn users, Instagram users, Pinteresters and yes, even Snapchatters that can benefit your business online. The more fans and followers you have in the social media realm, the more capacity you’ll have to better understand your customers. What’s more, a larger capacity means the increased likelihood that you’ll produce more leads. So at the very center of social media networking for leads, you should find a way to increase that propensity. Okay, propensity might be a little jargony, so how about we say you are leading the horses to water?

Regardless the size of your business, what industrial category you might fall under, or what audience your trying to reach, social media people are going to do social media stuff. Why not have your business in the mix of all of it? It could be considered “imperative” that you give these social media mysteriosos the choice to contact you through these channels. Then simply figure out what they’re doing and what they like and streamline it!

Let’s get started.

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Be short and specific when using LinkedIn for your business.


So Twitter is obviously the Social Media platform that takes the cake for easy posting, but LinkedIn is right behind. Keep your posts on the short side and get to the point. Think about it. LinkedIn is for working folks and professionals that might have a busier lifestyle than your typical 13 year old.

Like Twitter, it is smarter to post unique and “to the point” content. Use it to reach a specific audience and don’t just re-post your favorite blog article. Talk about your services and what you know. Then give a link to your website. Be an expert in your field and depend on viewers reading your professional takes on things they can expect.

Idea: Landscaper posts reminders of seasonal tips for other business landscaping ideas and reminders. Don’t forget to mention you do snow removal in the winter.

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If you have a product that applies to 25 and unders, Use Snapchat!


In November 2013, Facebook offered $3 billion for Snapchat. That’s “b”, the second letter of the alphabet. A few weeks later, Google offered $4 billion. The company’s founders turned down both offers. Well, they clearly have the best advisors that billions can’t buy, because they are worth close to $20 billion today. So who and why are people using it? Try 25 year olds and under specifically. They’re done with Facebook and on to the next big Social Media thing. They are using it because it is fast and users embrace the motion that comes with social media through video. Think telegenic Twitter. Here’s what has to say:

  • Percentage of college students who would likely purchase a product from a brand that sent them a Snapchat coupon: 58
  • Percentage of Snapchat daily users that contribute content: 65
  • % of marketers that use Snapchat: 1

“These numbers paint an interesting picture. First, they show that local marketing campaigns, especially those using coupons, have a more than 50 percent chance to work.

Second, they demonstrate that a good number of Snapchat users are active every day. That’s a big plus when you’re looking for customers who will come back to your marketing platform again and again.”

Idea: If you’re a grocery store owner, Snapchat about the products students are more likely to buy. Coupon for Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a guaranteed win.

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A picture is worth a thousand followers on Instagram.


Okay, so many business owners don’t see the value in taking a picture. But let’s be honest, your favorite books when you were a kid were the ones with more pictures than text, no? Okay then, 1 point Instagram. Now go show followers the everyday ins and outs of your company. Be personable, be spontaneous, and most importantly be creative.

How can we spread your photographic genius? Try Paid Shout-outs. It’s a sure fire way to gain a lot of followers and fast. And paid shout outs ROI is worth it in engagement alone.  In upwards of 2 to 3% of followers will “like” content. And you want to be liked. Here is a quick tip from HubSpot:

“Make sure to ask for a call-to-action in the shout-out, in which the account owner is actually asking their followers to take action on something. We’ve found the best strategy is to ask for their followers to follow your Instagram account.”

Idea: Campground owner posts pictures of camp sites being improved and manicured as well as campers enjoying themselves. Remember, smiles increase engagement.

Pinterest Social Media Article Graphic

Sharing is caring, make your business look good with Pinterest.


Do you have a nice camera or know a good photographer that wants to do trade? Start taking elegant pictures of your products or services ASAP. Nothing says “quality company” more than quality content invited by a quality photo. This is where Pinterest swoops in.

Imagine your businesses as a portfolio displayed beautifully among other respectable and sought after socializable material. Social media is more than just talking and pictures. It is sharing that counts most. So put in some work and get noticed. If you are starting out, create just two specific boards: One for original content that portrays your business products and ideas you’ve learned over your many years of experience, and two, a board to display relevant and interesting content and websites, online tools or articles you’ve found on the interwebs.

The first board is easy, but the second wasn’t… until now. Check out and download this cool add-on to your web browsers. It’s called a Pinterest ” Browser Button” and it works by making almost every website’s material sharable on Pinterest with the click of an automatic hovering button. Once you get the hang of it you will find yourself a real social media freakazoid. The good kind.

Be sure to do your research and look into things like Pinterest’s image requirements and even things like Promoted Pins to help boost your engagement. Here’s some other things wants you to keep in mind:

  • Feature compelling images that people will want to share
  • Try text overlays to help people browse and discover faster
  • Create detailed descriptions of your content
  • Consider adding lists or how-tos in the text overlays
  • Tasteful branding goes a long way on Pinterest
  • Have a clear call to action 

Idea: Shoe store takes photos of newest lines of shoes in different terrains. Restaurant owner shares amazing recipes with salivating photos.

Now let the masses know of your new and not-so-mainstream social media mastery. Promote your social media presence on different pages of your website, blog, on signage in your storefront, in print advertising, on your business cards, and even in your emails. Get engaged, get leads, get fun loyal customers you might not have even imagined.